Battle Royale mobile games surpass $2 billion in revenue

In short: To say battle royale games are popular is an understatement, and that’s especially true on the cell platform. According to analyst firm Sensor Tower, the genre has grossed over $2 billion on iOS and Android in under two years.

While one might expect Fortnite or even PUBG to be sitting on peak of this highest-grossing listing, that distinction belongs to Knives Out. The battle royale title from Chinese company NetEase has generated more than $643 million across Android and iOS since its launch in November 2017, only a very small proportion of which came from the US.

Sitting behind Knives Out is Fortnite, that grossed $630 million. That figure only takes into consideration the game’s earnings on iOS, however, since Fortnite is not on Google Play–that the Android variant utilizes a dedicated mobile installer, thus avoiding Google’s 30 percent earnings cut. It’s well worth remembering that Epic Games’ title isn’t yet accessible in China, either.

Through the first quarter of this season, the five Battle Royale names created $476 million, a 63 percent growth compared to the identical period a year earlier. PUBG was in charge of all that cash, earning $148 million or about 31 percent of their total. Fortnite for iOS was next with $119.4 million, a quarterly decline of 26 percent. Knives Out and Rules of Survival also experienced negative growth when compared with the preceding quarter.

Sensor Tower blames the three matches’ QoQ revenue decline on many things, such as the increased competition over the Battle Royale V Bucks Generator category .

With Apex Legends set to arrive on mobile shortly, anticipate BR mobile games to begin earning even more money.