This is your 3rd wedding anniversary and you can’t think of this!

This is your 3rd wedding anniversary and you can’t think of this!

3rd wedding anniversary – You seem to have used all your creativity when planning your first wedding anniversary. Now you find yourself without innovative ideas. But you have to think of fantastic prizes for your third birthday – fast!

So far, there may be additional families too. Baby diapers and bottles have invaded your life, deflated the last remnants of romance … or at least what you think. Fortunately, your birthday is a heavenly opportunity. One to put back into your life the little spices you need and find the bad romance from which it fell into destruction! Read also 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

This is the day your wife will feel that she is more than just a mother, a nurse, diaper changers, cooks, and cleaners in one place. There are many things you can do to convince him that, for you, he still smokes!

These five tips for 3rd wedding anniversary should make him fall in love again!

  1. Leather is the traditional theme of the 3rd wedding anniversary. The choices are broad and may even diverge! But for the more conservative, the skin is durable, luxurious and rich, just like your marriage. A newspaper tied with leather is ideal if he is a hard worker. What about a fashion leather belt if she really likes accessories for her clothes with a belt? You can’t go wrong with an elegant leather wallet: the skin is never really out of date.
  2. Bring a touch of modernity with crystal gifts and glasses – this year’s contemporary theme. Crystals can be very dazzling with light that illuminates the surface of the piece and symbolizes the spark that you add to the lives of others. If you both like a glass of wine to relax at night, a set of crystal wine glasses (with a bottle of wine!) Can set the tone for that night. Crystal glasses and bottles, each carrying their personal message, will also serve.
  3. Did you know that every year the wedding has gems and gifts? Well, gemstones for the third year are crystals. Because crystals are also an idea of ​​modern gifts, combine and flirt with crystal necklaces with crystal pendants. Read also Wedding Gifts
  4. Say this with flowers! Do you want him to feel very special and make him quietly smile all day long? Wake him up with his favorite love song played softly in the background, present him with a bouquet of fuchsia flowers – exotic, unusual and delicate – like him!

The most memorable gift is a gift designed with love and presented with creativity. And these tips must make sure you get out the door!