How To Best Setup Your Live Stream


The contrast and all of that good stuff but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna kind of leave this here just the way that it is and click done there and as you can see I can go on my stream here and I can actually click and hold my webcam and drag it and it’ll kind of snap into place here wherever I want to put it within my I guess you would say my scene number 1 so as you can see here we have a video capture device a display capture and then you’re good to go now within these sources here you’re gonna see things that are game captures you’re gonna see audio input capture and we’ll cover that here shortly but Tv1 Malaysia

The two that you need to worry about now our display capture as well as video capture which will get you kind of started kind of where we are here now again a game capture is going to be if you have a game running ok and then you add a game capture and then the OBS stream labs OBS picks up that you have that game running it’ll automatically capture everything going on within that game now I like to stay with display capture it gives me a little more flexibility and a little more I guess you would say admin power over kind of what’s being done and that’s kind of how you would go there now underneath the mixer option here which is going to be

The next big thing you want to do you’re gonna have desktop audio and you’re gonna have mic /ox now desktop audio is going to be what people hear so the desktop audio you want to capture from your PC so you want the game audio or the songs that you’re playing for your stream you want them to be playing over your stream and so you can adjust that here so what you need to do is click the little gear icon here that says open advanced audio settings and then we’re gonna see a few different things now under advanced audio settings you’re gonna see your desktop audio you’re gonna see your mic and you’re gonna see your video capture device now under desktop audio I would encourage you to decrease that volume level down to I would start at around 50 and then once you’ve done that leave your mic at 100% we can adjust that later and then once you’re done there click