How to Enjoy Holiday to Mount Bromo Surabaya Indonesia

How to Enjoy Holiday to Mount Bromo Surabaya Indonesia .Have you ever considered Bromo as upcoming holiday destination? If you have, you must be overwhelmed by the many choices of Bromo tour package. With each package offering attractive trip at, it is rather hard to decide and spend your money on one. Well, worry not. Instead of being confused of choosing the right tour package, why don’t you arrange your own Bromo trip? Especially if you are experienced in backpacking, this will be very fun to escape to Bromo. Here are several things to do around Mount Bromo. Bromo tour package typically offer mainstream places to visit. But if you arrange the trip by yourself, there are many other beautiful places to spot. Let’s mention Mentigen Hill at first. Here, you will witness the magnificent sunrise with different point of view. To reach this place, walk from Cemara Lawang for about 8 km. As the alternative, you can take jeep to reach the location. The other anti-mainstream place to visit is Teletubbies Hill. It is named so because of the beautiful hills that resembles ones in Teletubbies story. To enjoy this spot at its most, it is recommended to avoid dry season. The beautiful green hill will turn into sandy brown hills.

Bromo Holiday

Do you like camping? Then B29 Argosari will be a nice option to go. This is a favorite spot for campers in Bromo. Being the highest peak in the area, B29 Argosari offers amazing natural beauty and fresh atmosphere. With stretch of highland plants, this is surely what you are looking for to escape from the crowd. The last but not least, Bromo Milky Way offers different view to witness. This tourist attraction can be enjoyed at night. Those who love to hunt star cluster photography should come and capture the beauty of Bromo Milky Way. Get yourself prepared for the adventure without Bromo tour package.