HOW TO LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners

obs studio

The frame rate up here and 180 P it recommends having at least 8 megabits per second we can also see for 720p 5 megabits per second is enough but if you go up to a higher frame rate like 60fps these numbers jump up about 50% so 180 P at 60fps you’d want a bit rate of 12 megabits per second or so now if I was to put that into OBS and using a VPN connection which gives me these low numbers I would probably run into some issues and people would complain that the stream doesn’t look good so if you actually try to stream there’ll be a little icon in the bottom right-hand corner which will actually show tvmelayu

The stream health so if a lot of frames are dropping or the bitrate is just too low for it to look good on the other side the green light that shows up over here may turn yellow or bad so keep an eye on that the first few times you’re setting up your stream so let’s say hypothetically I wanted to record at 180 p 30fps so we’ll do 8 megabits per second how we convert that into the video bitrate is that we multiply that by a thousand so 8 becomes a thousand that’s how convert megabits into kilobits audio bitrate I like to set that at 192 doesn’t make a huge difference but you can pretty much figure out

If the audio bitrate is 192 in the video bitrate is 8,000 then the video is still taking up 40 times more data than the audio so increasing your audio bitrate to increase the audio quality if it helps at all it’s not going to take up much extra data so down here in recording likely when you’re recording whether or not you’re streaming you’re going to want to save to a file so the default recording format is FLV but generally I like to change that to either mp4 a dot move mp4 is a more common format it works with more video editors so you can’t go wrong with mp4 but if you want to record multiple audio streams at