How to Plan a Wedding, 12 list your first steps

How to plan a wedding? Checklist, the first 12 things you have to do after he asks you a question.

  1. Rent a wedding planner.

85% of couples in marriage find that marriage coordinators are a luxury they cannot afford.

But a good planner ensures that the bride stays within her budget. No planner wants to have the reputation of removing his wife from the budget on her special day. A good woman will work very hard to stay under budget and give the bride a savings account without reducing quality and style. Read also How to plan a wedding table decorations

2. Determine your budget

Two months before most marriages, the budget ends and negotiations begin. The honeymoon is cut or cut short. The main loan is contracted, forcing happy partners in debt for serious debt. Service and quality cut. It can turn a dream into a terrible marriage.

Take early action to set a realistic budget.

3. Meet parents

Who paid for your dream to get married? At present, around 70% of couples pay significant wedding expenses. However, parents traditionally arrange and pay for marriage, so it is better to divide your budget to determine who pays for what.

4. Select a date

Season, day of the week and time of day affect your budget. Remember the date and time of backup.

5. Reserve the ceremony and reception venue

Book early! Spend quiet time walking in your chair and imagine your dream day.

6. Choose your wedding party

Remember your budget. Small wedding parties can save costs.

7. Meet ministers, rabbis, pastors or other officials.

Your celebrant can be a good resource for how to plan a wedding with checklists and experiences prepared from time to time. Be prepared for your celebrant to fulfill certain requirements, such as premarital counseling or certain forms or behaviors during your ceremony.

8. Choose colors, themes, and styles.

Formal or unusual, your wedding dream is only limited by your imagination and likes.

9. Start the guest list

Do this earlier because it affects your budget. It may take time to work with parents.

10. Choose a wedding dress, mother’s dress and bridesmaid dress

When planning your wedding, use a checklist to track size, style, and vendors.

11. Start Planning Your Honeymoon

A good travel agent can direct you to a honeymoon package that suits your budget. Your wedding decoration planner may have a link there.

12. Determine where you will NOT reduce costs to save money.

This is your wedding dream day. There are only a few things you cannot do without it. Be flexible in other cases.

This is the first part, a preview of my 12-part series that examines each step above, the first things to do when you are involved; how to plan a wedding list.