How to Send a Message With Android

With the increasing popularity of mobile communication, Android messaging allows people to send and receive text messages in just about any location. The feature allows people to send a message on a second screen when they are away from their mobile phone. This is ideal for people who love to travel and have a secondary mobile phone for the purpose.

How to Send a Message On Android As mentioned earlier, sending a message on the Android phone is easy. To send a message, you just need to dial the appropriate number on your mobile phone. As the name implies, the message will be sent to the designated phone.

In order to get to the message menu, you can tap and hold on the task bar of your Android phone. You will then be shown a large pane. From here, you can easily send a message by double tapping on the task bar. But if you are not familiar with the TAB key, you can always learn to tap on the main menu.

There are also shortcuts available in the menu so that you can quickly send a message. For example, tap the “M” key to send a message. You can also tap the “L” to open the message menu and a shortcut for Locate. When you have chosen the option to receive your message, you just need to tap the message button, and you will see an icon that allows you to receive the message.

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As an added convenience, you can also do the same thing by tapping on the “D” key or pressing the “R” key on the call screen. The receiver will receive the message automatically on the call screen.

The call screen will show up when you receive a message. You will be able to see the recipient’s name, as well as a place where you can call. If you wish to keep the conversation going, you can follow the option to send another message.

How to Send a Message With Android Phone to Android Message In a nutshell, you can also send a message through the phone, but in this case, you will not be able to see the recipient’s name. Instead, you will only be able to see the subject line and the body of the message. So, it is wise to learn how to tap on the message icon when you want to continue a conversation.

How to Tap on the Message When you want to continue a conversation, tap the icon to send another message. It is smart to learn how to continue the conversation. You can do so by simply tapping the icon.