Choosing a healthy spectacle for children is not simple. This happens because they are accomplished imitators, but have not been able to distinguish between good and bad behavior. Through educational animated movies, parents can provide age-appropriate entertainment for their little ones. In addition, the delivery of ethical messages is more acceptable to them thanks to stories and funny portrayals of characters. What are the seven lists? Come, see the following description.

Curious George
This animated film tells of a clever monkey named George who has a high curiosity like a child in general. He explores alone, makes mistakes, then Yellow Hat Men will teach you how things are done right.

In each episode of Curious George is also inserted basic knowledge for children such as recognizing numbers, letters, and colors. This will greatly help parents in early learning. In addition, stories about friendship and help are positive contents that the writer wants to present. source :

This educational animated film has a main character named Judy Hopps. He is the first rabbit or mammal to become a member of the police force, so it is underestimated. However, he did not necessarily give up so easily.

Judy Hopps is determined to prove that she is capable. On one occasion, he participated in solving a case with several members of the mainstay police. The step is a high leap for the rabbit’s career.

Judy Hopps story provides a motivation that everyone has the right to dream, no matter how he is now. In addition, it can also instill an understanding in children that discriminating and degrading others is a bad action.

Elena of Avalor
Elena of Avalor is a Disney animated film. The story here is very appropriate for children to consume because it teaches family values, especially in terms of help. Therefore, this spectacle can help parents instill a sense of sympathy in your child and this is one of the effective learning styles for some children.

Sponge Out of Water
Does the word sponge in this animated educational film remind you of Spongebob? You are not mistaken because there is still a relationship with the citizens of the Backside Bikini. It’s just that there are differences in the setting and characterization of the original version.

The animated film, released on February 6, 2015, received a positive response from the public, so it managed to get a profit of 310 million dollars. That is because there are six positive traits in the character of Spongebob namely hardworking, disciplined, smiling and cheerful, respectful and polite, loyal friends, and never give up.

The Lorax
Environmental problems are phenomena that will continue as long as per individual does not have the awareness to maintain. Therefore, it is very important for parents to instill this as early as possible in children, such as giving a spectacle of The Lorax.

This animation tells the story of Ted trying to find an original tree for Audrey. Known to the mayor, an attempt to thwart was carried out in order to protect the business of trading oxygen.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower
Mary’s magical adventure the red-haired girl began after she plucked a flower stalk in the forest. Then, conflict arises when his friend named Peter is kidnapped by the school principal. Did Mary save him?

The two important points that the author wants to emphasize in this animated film are honesty and responsibility. This attitude needs to be nurtured from the beginning so that children dare to admit mistakes and are willing to accept the consequences of their actions.

Adit and Sopo Jarwo
This time, an educational animated film came from Indonesia. As per the title, the main characters here are Adit, Sopo, and Jarwo. Coming from his own country, the ethical message to be conveyed is certainly more acquainted to children, namely about friendship, tolerance, honesty, and a little religious value through the character of the hajj pilgrims.

That’s seven list of educational animated films that are very suitable for consumption because children have shared ethical messages that are very relevant in everyday life. Even though it is safe to watch, parents should accompany them so that there is a real mannequin function in conveying the ethical message. source :