Six Common Jewelry Repair Problems


Even the most skilled jewelry is used over time. Chances are your favorite clothes will be repaired or overhauled. Fortunately, jewelry repair techniques now combine the best from traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. They guarantee that your favorite work will be with you for life.

Here are six of the most common jewelry repair problems you might encounter (you might even find yourself dealing with more than one):

1) Damaged or damaged closure: Buckles are usually the first component used in relation to bracelets and necklaces. Indeed, the catch (the part that connects each end) can be worn because of the moving parts. It’s also the hardest part and supports pulling. Read also Gold Bracelets for Women Gift in Special Occasions

Brackets consist of several types. Sometimes the solution is as simple as cutting the old buckle and applying a new one. This can often be done at home.

But sometimes, the problem is a little more complicated. Catches that break or fail more than once usually show more serious structural problems. Welding, replacing other components or new types of closure may be needed. In cases like this, repairs to your jewelry must be entrusted to professionals.

2) Broken Links: Chain necklaces and bracelets are subject to regular strength that can weaken and break the individual chain. The link is relatively simple and easily repaired or replaced. However, it is something that must be done by a professional.

3) worn metal. This is usually the case with rings, especially engagement rings and wedding rings. This is because they have been used continuously for years. Friction between the skin and metal causes metal wear. This weakens the metal. Finally, this weak place can break.

The stains used can be repaired by adding metal. Accumulation of worn-out spots avoids further damage. Repairing this type of jewelry must be done by professional goldsmiths.

4) Used or broken teeth in a gemstone configuration. Precious stones are usually held by “claws” or “claws”. These claws wear out over time, sometimes even stopping. Your stone will most likely fall from the curl when that happens, especially if some branches are affected.

Like a worn ring, new metal must be added to the claw to rebuild it. A professional must do this type of work.

5) sliding fork. Sometimes the claw can come out of place. This can happen when a room has a physical impact. Often, simply folding branches in a good position. Professional jewelry repair can do this for you. He will also be able to find out whether other damage has occurred.

6) missing stones. Some things are just as disappointing as losing stones in favorite jewelry. Fortunately, this is an easy jewelery repair for a professional. The disadvantage is that it is expensive to replace missing stones, depending on the type. However, most jewelry owners are happy to be able to maintain a loved one by simply replacing a gem.

Lost stones are usually caused by structural problems, such as pins that are worn or broken. Your jewelry repair professional will examine your parts carefully. This will notify you if there are problems with parameters that need to be resolved.

Many jewelers have jewelry repair professionals who work on location. Even discount jewelry stores can repair your order immediately.

Other retailers do not have jewelry repairmen, but they can usually send parts for repair. However, you will pay more for this service. Therefore, it is best to find a shop with a repairman on site.