The Best Social Media Marketing Tools


In less than a decade, social media has changed the way people live and interact with each other. To say that every person on the world uses it would be a valid statement. Facebook alone has more than 2 billion active users. And that’s just one platform– there are others such as Twitter and Instagram that attract a diverse and active audience.

With the boom of social media, it is not surprising that social media marketers have focused on it. Social media marketing, after all, is a marketer’s dream as it allows direct interaction with prospective customers, increase traffic to a website, and drive conversion rates.

Social media marketing tools have thus become available for use of digital marketers. Below are some of the most commonly used social media marketing tools:

Social media management: Buffer

Social media management tools or schedulers enable users to stay active and engaging without having to spend most of their time logged into their social media accounts. Buffer is one example of a good social media management tool.

Buffer supports the major social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. With it, users can upload photos and videos, create a posting schedule, reply to posts, and add articles and content while they are on the go.

Research and Insight: Buzzsumo

Research is a pivotal aspect of social media marketing. Digital marketers need to research not only for content that’s relevant to them and appealing to their audience, but also to learn more about the things their competitors are up to. BuzzSumo is a great tool for this purpose.

With Buzzsumo, it is now easy to look for content shared on social media. Users can also find influencers that are related to the topic they are interested in. Moreover, they can get alerts based on parameters such as keywords, links, brand name, or author’s name. And they can track whatever their competitors are doing and furthermore, conduct an analysis based on the available content.

Social listening: Mention

Social listening is also integral in any social media campaign. Social listening is described as monitoring social media platforms for mentions of a brand and its competitors as well as ideas or themes relevant to the business.

Mention is one of the best social media tools for social listening.  It lets users monitor mentions of their brands and products in real time. Mentions of competitors are also monitored. And it allows users to respond to those mentions. Moreover, users can use Mention to search for relevant influencers that they can tap for their marketing campaigns.

Content Creation: Biteable and Canva

Social media marketing won’t be complete without content creation.  Marketers these days put a premium on video content because it gets more engagement on social media than plain old text. Fortunately, there are also plenty of social media marketing tools for this purpose.

Biteable is one of those. It can help marketers and online merchants create entertaining, engaging, and informative short videos that can be shared on social media. With Biteable, users can easily create and share quality videos for posting on social media as well as infographics, ads, presentations, intros, and more.

The other social media marketing tool for content creation is Canva. It is designed for creating infographics, thumbnails, and cover images for social media accounts. It comes with a wide range of easy to use and attractive templates.

These social media marketing tools have proven to be handy for digital marketers who want to make a niche in social media. If you’re looking to start a social media campaign, don’t forget to try these tools.