Wedding Traditions : Jewelery & Styles

Wedding  Traditions : Jewellery & Styles

If you are a future bride and are getting ready for your wedding, you should not forget the wedding jewelry that you will wear with a wedding dress and wallet. Because of pearls and diamonds, every bride wants to wear pearls and diamonds on the wedding day. Symbolizing eternity and loyalty, this precious jewelery has always been part of the opportunity for marriage.

The use of round beads at a wedding ceremony symbolizes luck and success in the couple’s married life. However, brides like you are strongly advised not to wear pearls in the form of a drop of water on your wedding day because this means unhappy unity between couples that represent the tears of the bride. .

Diamonds, on the other hand, are always regarded as gems – opportunities and bright and happy married lives for couples. This also illustrates how a couple’s love will last, no matter what happens. Read also Wedding Dresses

Another marriage tradition that couples follow is to get something new for the wedding and borrow something old, preferably from a couple who has undergone a marriage trial. Because diamonds are very expensive, you can borrow diamond gems from your mother or grandmother to represent the longevity of marriage vows. Pearls are relatively cheaper than diamonds, so it’s easier to buy pearl necklaces or earrings.

To choose the right jewelry for your wedding, make sure it matches the style and design of your dress. If you have a simple dress, you might want jewelry that will focus on you. First of all, this is your day and not just a day to wear city clothes. If you have a complex wedding dress, use simple jewelry instead. You don’t want dresses and jewelry to compete for attention. Read also Beach Wedding Dresses

Try matching dresses with jewelry to see if they will get married. If you believe in the habit that the bride is not suitable for dresses before the wedding, find someone who can try to see the effect.

Whether trust is true or not, it really doesn’t hurt to follow them – just to make sure your dream marriage goes smoothly.