Where to Get Vitamin D to Ensure Your Body Getting Proper Intake to Stay Healthy


Where to get vitamin D around us? Is it easy or so hard to obtain? Fortunately, this vitamin is not so rare that you don’t even eat it accidentally. As you might have known, vitamin D is what we need for healthy bones and teeth.

Without getting enough of this vitamin, you can’t expect to have proper body growth. If you don’t want to experience such thing, you better make sure that your body gets proper intake every day. To do so, you need to learn what’s need to be eaten. Let’s see below then.

Vitamin D Sources and Its Intake Amount

When it comes to this vitamin, the best source of all would be none other than fishes. Be careful to choose the right ones though. Each fish contains different things, so there might be ones with the same vitamins and others that are not. https://dapureka.com

Where to get vitamin D from fishes then? The best vitamin D sources from them are fatty fish. They include tuna, mackerel, and salmon. Three ounces of cooked salmon are said to contain over 450 International Units. So, it would be good to add it in your meal.

However, you don’t have to eat fishes forever to get enough intake of the vitamin. There are fortified foods, like dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals for a change. Other alternatives include beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks. https://dapureka.com/kursus-pempek-palembang-tenggiri-gabus-kakap-parang-online/

Getting enough vitamin D is easy. You just need to know how much to take per day. If you are between 1 to 70 years old, 600 IU is how much you will need. It will be 800 IU for age 71 or older to avoid osteoporosis. Be sure to consume them now that you know where to get vitamin D.

 Where to get vitamin D can be found mostly from fatty fishes. However, there are other alternatives and make sure to meet 600 to 800 IU per day.